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Pablo van den Bosch

Energetic and always focused on creating options to build, improve, inspire and team up. Pablo is an entrepreneur who is passionate to work together with people that share the ambition to build. He worked in multiple sectors, from Financial Services to Healthcare and Real Estate and has the capacity to quickly familiarize himself with the key processes and success factors of organisations. His communication skills, combined with his good sense for the feasibility of ideas, make him a sought-after strategic player in creating new business models.


Pablo co-founded the business consultancy Double Effect, now called Synechron Business Consulting, and currently is involved in various new ventures. Since the end of 2015 he closely works together with Thomas Rau, one of the global thought leaders of the circular economy. Together with Thomas, Pablo founded the Madaster Foundation. The key objective of this organisation is to eliminate waste from the real estate sector by leveraging the concept of Material Passports. With the Madaster Platform, the foundation enables circular economy principles like the re-usage of materials, components and products.




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