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Prof. Frans Cornelis

Associate Professor in Marketing and Communications

Apart from his role at Maastricht School of Management,  Frans Cornelis consults top management of major companies with a communications, marketing or sustainability challenge. He was previously the Chief Marketing Officer of  Randstad Holding, and Royal KPN, the Dutch national telecoms company. Other roles before that were those of Vice President Marketing at coffee firm Douwe Egberts, and business management roles at AT&T, OPG/Medic and ICI.


Frans is an honorary member of NIMA, the Dutch Association for Marketing (and Communications). He is the Chairman of the professional marketing qualification system of NIMA. He has been on the Dutch top 100 marketer list for 17 years, and is a regular speaker at a number of universities, seminars and congresses. He is the chairman of the Alumni Advisory Board of the Social Innovation Center of Insead, the International Business School in France.


In the field of sports Frans is a keen rower, and spent over 19 years in various roles in his sport, the last four years until the end of 2016 as Chairman of the Royal Dutch Rowing Federation KNRB. He studied at Insead, Fontainebleau, France and Leyden University, the Netherlands.



Sportmarketing en value propositions

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